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enjoy the little things!

At iLOVEAMANO you’ll find wearable art and customized jewelry pieces for everyday / every occasion.

  • you are unique!

    So is iLOVEAMANO.

    Express your personality and spice your style by wearing iLOVEAMANO handcrafted jewelry.

    Every piece infuses a feeling of uniqueness and individuality. 

    Remember, in handcrafted jewelry there are no mistakes, just unique creations!


    iLOVEAMANO jewelry pieces are crafted, curated and assembled "by hand", with the will of making them affordable (fairly priced), comfortable (lightweight, hypoallergenic) and easy to wear every day.

  • iloveamano

    Yes I DO!

    Crafting and wearing handmade jewelry can mean much more than making or having nice pieces of jewelry.

    iLOVEAMANO is always created from the heart. Lots of love is poured into iLOVEAMANO jewelry pieces.

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